Reading comprehension: Virtual CPD On Demand

Comprehension, inference and deduction… deeper reading skills that all pupils need to be able to access to get the most from written text and to inform independent writing.

  • models and activities
  • examples of learning sequences
  • greater depth of comprehension
30 minutes
£9.99 + VAT

More about this on-demand CPD

Since the new reading tests and assessment frameworks were introduced, a focus for some was on consistent performance within retrieval, inference and a sometimes simplistic view of comprehension. With requirements for reasoning, fluency, articulation and problem solving ever more central to all curriculum subjects, schools are working hard to ensure that the teaching of reading develops much deeper knowledge of comprehension skills, with an increasing focus on how to apply this to varied texts and independent writing.

This webinar will ensure you gain practical insight into encouraging pupils to greater depth of comprehension responses. We will explore a range of possible resources, models and activities and their potential uses. With actual examples of learning sequences, this webinar allows you to develop your understanding of how best to support children to apply knowledge and skills – all with comprehension in mind.

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