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Welcome to high-quality, professional training at the touch of a button.  TT Education are proud to be at the forefront of delivering online training facilities and opportunities for teachers and educators to improve outcomes for all pupils.  Our range of on-demand virtual training, live virtual training and virtual twilights are designed to give you the support your school needs, where and when you need it - and in a way that suits the needs of your staff.  

Our innovative virtual training packages are all that you have come to expect from TT Education: professional, practical and based on our our very successful Path to Success model.  We have been able to retain all of the elements that you tell us make TT Education’s training special – gamification, collaboration, discussion and personalisation – as well as adding the convenience of having it beamed to you digitally.

What’s not to love?

Virtual Twilight

Book a twilight with a difference...

Your staff can access our experienced, professional trainers and consultants, delivering training that is tailored to meet the needs of your school and benefit from personal interactivity with the trainer - all at a fraction of the cost.

What could a virtual twilight do for your school?

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Virtual Twilights

Virtual CPD Live

When is a course not a course?  When it's virtual CPD... 

Attend a live TT Education course, interact with the trainer, ask questions, make it personal to your practice and to your school - all from behind a computer screen.

All the exciting, engaging, interactive elements of a TT Education course - all online.  Why not sign up today?

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Virtual CPD Live

Virtual CPD On Demand

On demand TV meets high-impact training...

All of our Virtual CPD events are available on demand, after the live event has taken place. View our inspiring training on-the-go, whenever, wherever!

We all know how precious those spare minutes can be; why not use some to find hints, tips and ideas to further your teaching career at your leisure?

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Virtual CPD On Demand

Virtual Twilight

Any of our curriculum or leadership courses can also be delivered as a Virtual Twilight.  Receive the same fantastic service that you would expect from any TT Education training session, delivered digitally.  You and your staff will experience an interactive, engaging, collaborative live session, led by one of our fantastic team and tailored to the specific needs of your school and your staff.

School Governance Overview - Virtual CPD Live

This short course will provide a brief overview on Governance, types of governor and the roles and duties of a Governor. It will also provide expectations of the time and commitment required for of the role along with details of the skills a governor may need. The importance of objectivity will be discussed and training and development opportunities will be explored.


Assessment & Marking - Virtual CPD Live

This session will take you through some of the most effective, innovative and successful marking and assessment strategies from primary schools across the UK. Our experienced trainer will guide you through questioning strategies, how to manage workload and - most importantly - what consistent assessment, marking and feedback looks like in a successful school.


Safeguarding - Virtual CPD Live

This live Virtual CPD session will provide you with a range of ideas that will help ensure rigorous safeguarding standards are maintained in your primary school. Our experienced leader will take you through some "do's and dont's"; looking at recruitment, volunteers and aspects of social media and safeguarding.


Writing for Boys: Virtual CPD Live

This 1 hour live Virtual CPD session will take you through practical strategies specifically aimed at engaging boys in the key skills of exploring imagination, planning for writing, self-editing and becoming an independent writer.  All of the ideas shown in this live event are taken from our successful support of schools all over the UK - and all of them can be easily added to your teaching repertoire - regardless of age group.


Phonics Tips - Virtual CPD Live

This online CPD session will provide you with practical tips and activities to ensure that Phonics learning is irresistible, engaging, progressive - and fun!

Our experienced trainers will take you through some of our most effective strategies to improve Phonics in your school with easy-to-implement approaches and suggestions.


Outdoor Learning Ideas - Virtual CPD Live

This online session will take you through some exciting, easy-to-apply ideas for making outdoor learning an integral part of the whole curriculum. Explore how maths, science, writing, creative and foundation subjects can come together in the great outdoors.  


Concrete Resources in Maths: Virtual CPD On Demand

NEW WEBINAR: Making sense of mathematics using concrete resources

£9.99 + VAT

New to Phonics: Virtual CPD On Demand

NEW WEBINAR: Making sense of phonics support

£9.99 + VAT

Reading comprehension: Virtual CPD On Demand

NEW WEBINAR: Developing skills in reading comprehension

£9.99 + VAT


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