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E-Learning Modules

As specialists in CPD for primary schools, we provide a range of outstanding E-Learning webinars spanning subjects and topics such as literacy, maths, science, leadership and assessment. Our webinars are dynamic, inspiring and packed with best-practice activities and approaches that you can immediately apply in your school or classroom. We constantly receive outstanding feedback, with over 99% of teachers and school leaders rating our training as "Good" or "Excellent".

Don’t Drown in the Deep Dive: What to Expect from the New Ofsted Inspection Framework - Livestream

Uncertainty can lead to fear, which is not a great place from which to make decisions. Let us help you navigate areas of uncertainty around the new ‘Deep Dive’ language and methodology. This one-hour webinar will help you can prepare straight-forward strategic actions to help you implement improvements where you need them. 

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Vocabulary Explosion: Ideas for Excellence in Vocabulary Acquisition - Livestream

Ofsted’s new approach is looking for unprecedented levels of foundation subject vocabulary, and this is being part-tested through the Y6 reading SATs. How well-equipped are you to meet this challenge?

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Teaching Consent - Livestream

Children are increasingly exposed to situations when they need to independently manage their own consent - so how well have we prepared them for this?

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Wake up to Wellbeing! Morning Exercises for the Whole Primary Cohort - Livestream

Wake your body, wake your mind!  A healthy body and a healthy approach to life can support adults AND children alike in improving wellbeing, personal awareness and health.

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Active Learning in the Foundation Subjects - Livestream

Talk, collaboration and active learning are the three foundational approaches of TT Education’s award-winning Path to Success model. Children who can move while learning are more engaged and better behaved, and more likely to retain the knowledge and skills they gain in so doing.

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Computing or ICT? How Children can achieve well in Digital Literacy and Computer Science - Livestream

We often joke that children know more about computers than adults; this can lead to a crippling lack of confidence among teachers, and the issue has been exacerbated by the 2014 Curriculum’s shift in focus away from traditional software literacy, towards programming and computer science.

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Effective Whole-Class Reading - Livestream

The face of education and the approaches we use when teaching are constantly changing. Approaches to the teaching and learning of reading skills are no different. Many schools are moving away from guided reading approaches and more towards whole class teaching of reading skills.

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT

Misconceptions in Maths: Avoidance or Confrontation? - Livestream

When you teach maths, do your children learn? Research suggests we can achieve better outcomes by starting from their own ideas - and misconceptions. But we often make great efforts to avoid mentioning misconceptions altogether. 

School-wide licence: £120 + VAT


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