Primary CPD Courses & INSET Days

As specialists in CPD for primary schools, we provide a range of outstanding courses spanning subjects and topics such as literacy, maths, science, leadership and assessment. Our courses are dynamic, inspiring and packed with best-practice activities and approaches that you can immediately apply in your school or classroom. We constantly receive outstanding feedback, with over 99% of teachers and school leaders rating our training as "Good" or "Excellent". Most courses are also available as INSET days, tailored to your specific requirements.

Analyse School Performance: The New RAISEonline

RAISEonline has been replaced by the new Analyse School Performance (ASP) platform. Bring your ASP data with you to this practical one-day workshop to understand the new platform (including the new Ofsted IDSR) and utilise your data to write evaluative comments for your school’s SEF and School Improvement Plan.

£299 + VAT

Raising Attainment in Reading

Gain a comprehensive overview of the skills children need to become successful readers and discover simple ways to enhance children’s reading confidence by attending this engaging and practical course. Includes examples from the 2017 Reading SATs paper. 

£265 + VAT

Raising Attainment in Maths

Experience a range of fun, stimulating and inspiring activities that focus on problem solving, reasoning skills and deepening learning in maths. Explore how to plan for conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, from planning effective lesson sequences and structures, to using effective representations of number. Includes examples from the 2017 maths SATs.

£265 + VAT

Storytelling in Maths

Storytelling in Maths recognises that many pupils struggle to effectively use vocabulary and language structures to explain and reason. This exciting, practical course will help you embed effective strategies for mathematical language acquisition to improve outcomes in maths as part of your daily teaching.

£265 + VAT

Raising Attainment in Science

Learn creative, practical and achievable methods to raise standards in science and inspire primary scientists. This course will provide the confidence to teach outstanding primary science in a vibrant, interactive way that promotes enquiry and learning at greater depth.

£265 + VAT

Raising Attainment in Spelling

Discover a range of strategies, activities and games to build children’s confidence in spelling and help them be more adventurous with their vocabulary.

£265 + VAT

Achieving Greater Depth in English

What does it take for your children to achieve greater depth in both reading and writing? This fast-paced, practical, one-day CPD course shares the secrets behind school-wide strategies for success.


Closing The Gap: Raising Attainment For Disadvantaged Pupils

Accelerate the learning of disadvantaged pupils. This dynamic course inspires teachers and leaders with proven strategies to enable our disadvantaged children to reach their potential.


Outstanding Foundation Stage Practice

Evaluate and improve your current Early Years provision.  

This course will give you a greater understanding of current expectations within the new statutory framework, alongside successful strategies to enhance outdoor learning environments, improve parental engagement and, ultimately, ensure successful outcomes for all of your children. 

£265 + VAT

Raising Attainment in Writing

Raise standards in writing with fun, practical and achievable methods to inspire children to write.

£265 + VAT

Mastery Across the Curriculum

This dynamic course inspires teachers to provide primary children with meaningful opportunities to move their learning to greater depth.

£265 + VAT

Outstanding Teaching of Grammar

Improve your subject knowledge in grammar and discover high impact games, strategies and approaches that will help you enhance your children’s grammatical knowledge. Includes examples from the 2017 GPS SATS paper.

£265 + VAT

Creative Outdoor Learning

An exciting and inspirational approach to developing learning skills and content at all ages for those eager to find out the benefits of being outdoors.

£265 + VAT

Outstanding SMSC Across the Primary Curriculum

Outstanding SMSC Across the Primary Curriculum is a practical and thoughtful look at the curriculum requirements for SMSC and PSHE and ways to successfully achieve them.

£299 + VAT

Teaching Foreign Languages in Primary Schools

Teaching a Foreign Language in Primary School is an inspiring course that will assist you in meeting the targets of the new Programme of Study for Languages. You will return to the classroom with engaging, interactive and challenging activities to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

£265 + VAT

Inspired To Lead: National Leadership Programme

The Inspired to Lead National Leadership Programme aims to create leaders at every level and is suitable for all primary senior and middle leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions.

£598 + VAT

Mastery in Leadership

Mastery in Leadership focuses on the qualities of successful leadership. Through activities and discussion with peers and outstanding practitioners, you will explore many aspects of what makes an effective leader and how to put proven approaches into practice.

£299 + VAT

Developing Outstanding Subject and Middle Leaders

This informative and practical course will help you to understand, and make progress in, your role as a primary subject leader or middle leader.

£299 + VAT

Data Analysis for Primary Schools

Bring your school’s data along to this practical, insightful course, to discuss practical ways to inform your School Development Plan based on your data. Explore ways to ensure accurate and robust data collection in a practical and achievable way.

£299 + VAT

Effective Performance Management for School Leaders

This innovative one-day course, suitable for leaders across the school, is a blend of information and activities designed to give you a better understanding of the purpose of appraisals and your role as an appraiser.

£299 + VAT

School Development Planning

Bring your School Development Plan along to this interactive, comprehensive, realistic workshop and consider how to ensure that it is has an integral role in effective school improvement and financial management on a day-to-day basis. You will leave this course feeling confident and assured of your school’s direction.

£299 + VAT

Courageous Conversations: Successful Communication for School Leadership

Challenging conversations are a daily occurrence for school leaders. In this inspirational, practical course, you will be supporting in cultivating your communication skills to get the best outcomes from these all-important conversations.

£299 + VAT

Coaching for Primary Leaders

As a school leader, you know that the value of coaching within your school cannot be overstated. Discover the full power of successful, effective coaching with this inspirational course.

£299 + VAT

Cognitive Development in Practice: Creating Thinking Schools

This course provides real-world, practical ideas to help support schools in developing their ‘thinking learners’, giving ownership of that learning process back to the children, to improve outcomes from Early Years through to Year 6.






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