Teaching and Learning Review

Through our Teaching and Learning Review, we'll help you look at your school from a completely objective perspective.

Our highly trained educational consultants can support you in stepping outside the daily routine and identifying areas of best practice and areas that need improvement. Our support can then help to inform the writing of your School Improvement Plan and identify key areas of focus. 

If you have an area you would like us to focus the review upon, we can help identify ways to improve practice and spend time with the subject leader in creating and/or improving plans and other materials. A fresh perspective is always useful and can be a more diplomatic and less confrontational way to assist your staff member in improving their practice.

Following the review, you will also receive a report containing our findings and recommendations.

How does the Teaching & Learning Review work?


On the day of the review, your consultant will, to some extent, be guided by you. If you would like them to meet with your leadership team or a specific subject lead, they would be very happy to do that. They will, of course, want to spend some time in conference with you, as the head or deputy head teacher, to discuss your views and look at the children’s data. You will also want them to form their own opinions and get a feel for the school, so they will conduct book looks and/or learning walks and speak to your team.

Your expert consultant will contact you prior to the review to find out what outcome you are looking for, so that the review can be tailored to your requirements. 

A thorough report and recommendations

Following the Teaching and Learning Review, you will receive a thorough report, detailing areas of good practice; areas which could be improved; and our suggestions for further steps you could take to kick-start this improvement.

A reduced price of £895

At TT Education, we're dedicated to improving outcomes for children. To help ensure that our Teaching & Learning Review is accessible to schools, we're offering this service at £895 +VAT, (a saving of £400 compared to the usual price). To receive this reduced rate, be sure to get in touch with us before 30th September 2017.

Next steps

Our outstanding consultants have made a positive contribution to outcomes for pupils across the country, through the provision of effective Teaching and Learning Reviews. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to fill out the enquiry form below, and will be in touch.

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