TT Education's Assessment Innovation Project (London):
creating thought leaders and driving school improvement

PROJECT FOCUS: Using formative assessment to plan personalised learning journeys that enable children to achieve.

The Assessment Innovation Project aims to position current teachers and leaders at the heart of educational research into effective classroom practice. There is a wealth of fantastic practice across many of our primary schools and we, at TT Education, come across some wonderful teachers in our work across the country and abroad. Often, that classroom practice is affected by policy changes or recommendations, but the inverse happens far too infrequently.

At TT Education, we want to seek out this excellent practice, implement some of the great ideas we have developed over the years, and put that information together to create an innovative report that we hope will influence national education policy. Facilitated by two Education Experts (David Maytham and Melody Lowe), the Project is based in Fulham, but will draw on our work both nationally and internationally to establish a hub of excellence.

This Project will explore:


  • Using formative assessment to plan personalised learning journeys that enable children to achieve;
  • Effective approaches to primary assessment;
  • Effective pedagogy in the 21st century classroom;
  • What outstanding teaching and learning looks like today;
  • Empowering children to be leaders of learning;
  • What does ‘challenge’ really mean and how to support all learners?
  • What we can learn from international perspectives?

How does it work?

  • The Project will have representatives from up to 20 schools. We encourage schools to send a minimum of 2 members of staff (you may wish to send both teachers and TAs).
  • The Project's duration is 4 days, which are spread across 2 terms.
  • The Project will take place in a host school and staff are requested to bring lunch with them.
  • Each day will be full of expert advice, innovative new ideas and will encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and sharing best practice.
  • Schools will be required to complete actions/research back in their classrooms and report back.


  • 4th October 2017
  • 19th October 2017
  • 10th November 2017
  • 12th January 2018

The Assessment Innovation Project costs £99 per person per day - just £396 in total for four days of collaborative Continuing Professional Development. To find out more or book your place(s), please complete the form below, call us on 01206 625626 or email our team -

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