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BSME Networks: Leadership Matters

What does our Leadership Support look like?

From online training to face-to-face support, TT Education have demonstrated time and again that our professionalism, quality content and excellent educational experience can have demonstrable impact on your school - wherever you are.  We pride ourselves on flexibility, adapting our content to meet the needs of your school, staff and pupils - wherever you are on your journey towards excellence.

We can support:

  • Executive leaders and headteachers
  • Deputy and Assistant heads (even new-to-role)
  • Subject or Phase leaders
  • SENCo leadership
  • Leadership at all levels - empowering all staff to learn to be leaders in their area of responsibility

What can we do?

Our support is bespoke to the needs of your school but can contain:

  • Our award-winning suite of full courses, delivered by experienced consultants, through our online platform: click here (you can filter to Leadership)
  • Live-streamed webinars: click here
  • On-demand training (courses and shorter webinars delivered to your team when they want) click here
  • The opportunity to build a School-wide CPD Library (a suite of on-demand courses and webinars you choose - available for longer) click here
  • Face-to-face training (we travel to you and deliver to all your team to ensure impact and understanding)
  • Face-to-face support (consultancy on-site, ensuring action and impact for all involved)
  • Face-to face model lessons (our consultants deliver our approaches to your pupils so you can see it really works)
  • Remote support (email response to policy, documents and strategic plans)


"Staff have loved your sessions... informative and practical applications... happy teachers!"

- Sharon Davis, Principal, International Community School Abu Dhabi

"I found the webinar to be very informative with practical and theoretical examples that were current. The host clearly had a passion for the subject and the overall curriculum in general to make clear opportunities for links."

- Toya Are, Cairo English School, Egypt

How to find out more...

Contact us through our website links (above) or at our main enquiry page