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The latest news, views and opinions from our expert consultants at TT Education. 

Leadership in 2020 and beyond

In this blogpost our Director of School Improvement, Adam Reed, outlines some essential ingredients in building and sustaining a leadership team and approach that can help you cope with – pretty much – anything that comes your way.

Performance Management in schools: monitoring, management or movement?

Director of School Improvement, Adam Reed, considers how best to use performance management reviews. What do we really want to get out of performance management and how do we ensure that we definitely get it?

OFSTED: Five things you should know about the new inspection framework

We’ve been fortunate enough to gain insight into what the new Ofsted framework could mean for your school. In readiness for this new innovation in inspection, here are some things you should know...

School Leadership: 9 ideas to develop service-leadership at your school

Have you ever worked with a leader who truly serves those with whom you work?  Adam Reed explores the notion of "service leadership" in schools.

Marking and Feedback: some thoughts and clarifications.

Director of School Improvement, Adam Reed, gives us some words of wisdom on useful marking and feedback, based on his years of experience of supporting schools. Some great ideas for you to implement in your schools.

Published: 02 February 2017

Director of School Improvement, Adam Reed, gives us his thoughts on progress across special schools

Having worked in special schools for several years, Adam has spent a long time thinking about, discussing and seeing the results of different ways to approach the measurement of progress in special schools. Here, he shares with us his considered view.

What is Mastery?

Director of School Improvement, Adam Reed, asks: "what actually IS mastery?" The answer may not be what you're expecting!

What's Your Favourite Number?

A TT Education consultant, talks numbers and their associations, both personal and cultural


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