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Fun with Poetry: Model Texts for KS2

Teachers are saying this is the most useful and accessible book on teaching poetry they've ever read! Here are five reasons why it's the best resource for Key Stage Two you'll ever find:

  • See below...
  • Wait for it...
  • Here it comes...
  • Drumroll please...

- Within these pages, not only will you find clear analysis and teaching tips for each of our hand-selected classic poems, but you will also find ten brand new poems for each year group

- Each poem is written or selected to be suitable for your children, being appropriate in tone, theme or vocabulary

- Each poem is clearly linked with one or more topics required by the National Curriculum, across subjects as diverse as Science, History and Geography

- There are a wide variety of different poetic forms explored, including free verse, villanelle, ghazal, acrostic, cinquain and many more!

- Last, but not least, each poem comes with clear and concise analyses, explanations and teaching tips. Poetry has never been this easy. Poetry has never been this much fun!

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