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Representations in Maths - On-Demand

Children often struggle to understand mathematical ideas if they move towards the “abstract” too quickly, and we rightly use different representations to make things easier for them to understand. But if we’re not careful these representations limit children to little more than a procedural fluency; to drive real mastery we need to make sure we vary the representations - and encourage children to do the same with their own.

  • Why representations are so important for mastery in mathematics
  • How representations can be used to prompt mathematical reasoning
  • How we can move these ideas beyond maths and into other subjects
1 hour
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30 Days
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About this webinar

One of the stages in TT Education’s Path to Success model is the idea of connectivity - the patterns and links that drive children towards more profound understanding, and better retention. Varying the way we represent mathematical concepts can be a powerful driver of this understanding, besides offering a route for the wider application of ideas. This webinar will:

  • Explore some common examples of mathematical representations
  • Investigate how we might broaden our approach
  • Look at opportunities for developing mathematical reasoning


  • Class teachers (all years)
  • Maths coordinators and curriculum leads
  • Senior leaders

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£99.00 + VAT