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Quality First Teaching (3-Part Series)

‘Quality First Teaching’ is a wide-ranging phrase that can sometimes feel a bit daunting for newer teachers. Even experienced practitioners can get a bit frustrated that so much is apparently expected in this catch-all term. Get some clarity - and dozens of practical ideas - from this exciting three-part on-demand series!

  • Classroom set-up behaviour and expectations
  • Empowering teachers - and children - to deepen learning
  • Subject knowledge and curriculum design
  • School-wide licence for everyone at your school
6 hours
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60 Days
£295.00 + VAT

About this course

This on-demand series costs just £295+VAT for a school-wide licence, providing 60 days access to every member of staff in your school.

For further information on how to purchase this training, please take a look at the 'About on-demand training' section below.

Course overview:

We know that children thrive when they feel part of a team - but this is sometimes disrupted by traditional approaches like streaming and out-of-class interventions. How can a teacher provide a personalised learning structure for everyone in the class at the same time? This three-part series breaks down the idea of ‘Quality First Teaching’ and gives dozens of practical ideas that have been tried and tested in the classroom.

Part 1 looks at how to set up the learning:

  • What is ‘mastery’ teaching and how do children learn?
  • Creating routines and safe learning environments
  • Behaviour, attitudes, and raising expectations
  • curriculum design

Part 2 considers ways to ‘move on’ the learning:

  • Widening children’s experiences
  • Creating challenge for a whole class at once
  • Improving your subject knowledge
  • Assessment for learning
  • Collaborating with colleagues

Part 3 explores how children can ‘own’ the learning and become more independent:

  • Sequencing learning to increase retention of knowledge and skills
  • Microteaching and ‘scaffolding’ - while maintaining independence
  • Metacognition (‘learning to learn’ approaches)
  • Oracy, gamification and engagement


  • Class teachers (NQTs/RQTs but experienced practitioners too)
  • Mentors for NQTs and RQTs
  • Head teachers and SLT

About on-demand training

The school-wide licence for this short course costs just £295+VAT and provides access to every member of staff at your school.

By purchasing this on-demand training:

  • The series will be made available to every member of staff in your school to watch for a period of 60 days.
  • Every member of staff in your school can log in independently from home or wherever they are.
  • Your team can watch the training at a time that suits them - on-demand - and will be able to pause or rewind to review sections.

How to purchase:

To buy a school-wide licence for this short course, please click one of the 'Add To Basket' buttons below and complete the checkout process to place your order. You will receive an automated email with further instructions on how to provide access to the rest of the staff at your school.

£295.00 + VAT