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PSHE Subject Leader Curriculum Support (3-Part Series)

The new Ofsted Inspection Framework marks a significant shift in focus, shining a much brighter light on non-Core subjects. It also has an increased emphasis on personal development, behaviour, character traits, and attitudes to learning. Furthermore, much of the subject has now become statutory. All of this puts PSHE at the heart of school development. This three-part on-demand series covers everything a PSHE coordinator should know.

  • Summarise Ofsted’s new requirements and explain how they affect PSHE
  • Guide you through the ‘Three Is’ - Intent Implementation and Impact - so you can reflect on your curriculum design
  • Provide dozens of practical and powerful approaches to raise standards in PSHE
  • School-wide licence for everyone at your school
3 hours
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60 Days
£295.00 + VAT

About this course

This on-demand series costs just £295+VAT for a school-wide licence, providing 60 days access to every member of staff in your school.

For further information on how to purchase this training, please take a look at the 'About on-demand training' section below.

Course overview:

2019 marked a big shift in Ofsted focus: not ‘away from’ English and Maths, but certainly to shine a stronger light on foundation subjects. Ofsted have also increased their emphasis on personal development, behaviour, character traits, and attitudes to learning. Coupled with the newly statutory requirements for RSHE (relationships education and health education), PSHE is now at the very heart of Ofsted’s approach.

This three-part on-demand series guides PSHE leaders through the new Framework, and provides them with dozens of practical ideas.

Part 1 sets out the expectations, inspection guidance, and overarching views of excellent curriculum design. It will cover:

  • OFSTED’s view of curriculum quality;
  • How to articulate your vision and values;
  • How to make your PSHE curriculum pupil-focused and school-centric;
  • Ways to raise the profile of PSHE, and standards within it.

Part 2 looks at how you might implement your vision for PSHE. It will cover:

  • What it means to lead PSHE in the new Framework;
  • What to expect from a ‘Deep Dive’;
  • How to share and embed expectations;
  • Assessment and monitoring strategies that enhance pupil outcomes;
  • How to understand and embed cultural capital;
  • How to establish equality of accessibility.

Part 3 looks at ways to judge the impact of your school’s PSHE curriculum. It will cover:

  • Establishing and evidencing Impact;
  • Creating challenge;
  • Maintaining consistency;
  • Planning for the future, supporting staff, and CPD.


  • Heads, deputies and other senior leaders
  • PSHE coordinators and welfare/wellbeing leads
  • Governors with curriculum responsibility

About on-demand training

The school-wide licence for this on-demand series costs just £295+VAT and provides access to every member of staff at your school.

By purchasing this on-demand training:

  • The series will be made available to every member of staff in your school to watch for a period of 60 days.
  • Every member of staff in your school can log in independently from home or wherever they are.
  • Your team can watch the training at a time that suits them - on-demand - and will be able to pause or rewind to review sections.

How to purchase:

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£295.00 + VAT