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Enabling Support: Getting the best from your TA - On-Demand

TAs make up a quarter of the primary workforce, but they sometimes don't have the impact that we - or they - would like. How can we strengthen the teacher-TA relationship to get the best outcomes for children? This specially-extended webinar expands on some of the ideas in our Working With Your TA webinar.

  • How to scaffold without "learned dependence"
  • Strategies for TAs to support learning
  • Develop better working relationships between your teacher and assistant
90 minutes
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30 Days
£99.00 + VAT

About this webinar

It's often said that the best TAs seem to read a teacher's mind, doing jobs before they're asked, providing support exactly where it's needed, and generally complementing their practice to ensure the best outcomes for children. But for newer TAs, or those with less confidence, or those who don't get on with the class-teacher, it can be a frustrating situation for both sides of this working partnership. How can TAs support learning without creating "learned dependence"? How can TAs take the initiative without "treading on toes"? In this specially-extended training webinar you will learn:

  • Creative approaches to develop the teacher-TA partnership
  • "Fillers with purpose" that are easy to implement but which have a high-level impact
  • Models of scaffolding that leave children with agency and "develop learning behaviours"



  • Class teachers
  • Middle and senior leaders
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2

Please note this webinar is around 90 minutes long.

£99.00 + VAT