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Using Drama to Teach PSHE in the Primary School

Drama provides an accessible and memorable way to learn about PSHE topics. It provides the opportunity to have real discussions and make real choices that are essential for good PSHE. By actually taking part in a scenario, as well as watching others and listening to others, we use all our senses and get a chance to apply our decisions and both watch and experience, in a safe environment, the consequences of those decisions.

  • Using the distancing effect of drama to ’teach’ and advise imaginary characters
  • Provide a safe forum for discussions and giving opinions
  • Help children make safe and appropriate choices
1 hour
School-wide licence: £120 + VAT
Accessible Until
7 days following broadcast

About this course

This livestream short course costs just £120+VAT for a school-wide licence, providing access to every member of staff in your school.

For further information on how to purchase this training, please take a look at the 'About livestream training' section below.

Course overview:

Theatre is a great way to engage our children. It can also help us in covering key PSHE learning objectives so as to provide a future where all children are healthy, happy, safe and resilient.   

The course will provide:

  • Drama games to highlight key PSHE strands of learning.  
  • Processing techniques to deepen learners’ experience of the issues in PSHE.
  • Inclusive techniques that allow everyone to have a go, be heard, become resilient, and make and explore alternative decisions.  


This course is appropriate for primary schools.

About livestream training

The school-wide licence for this livestream short course costs just £120+VAT and provides access to every member of staff at your school.

By purchasing this livestream training:

  • Every member of staff in your school can log in independently from home or wherever they are.
  • Your team will be able to ask questions using the chat window which will be answered by the presenter at the end of the session.
  • A recording of the course will be made available to everyone at your school for a further 30 days following broadcast, so they can still watch the training even if they cannot attend the course live.


How to purchase:

To buy a school-wide licence for this livestream short course, please click the 'Book Now' button next to your chosen date* below and complete the checkout process to place your order. You will receive an automated email with further instructions on how to provide access to the rest of the staff at your school.

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27 September 2021, 3:45PM