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Teaching Relationship and Sex Education in Special Schools

It is important to ensure that all learners have the language and the communication skills to tell us what is happening to them and recognise positive and negative relationships. Our learners need to be educated for their own protection. This is especially important when the learners we are working with are vulnerable and may find it more difficult to know whether situations they find themselves in are appropriate.

  • Practical approaches that recognise learners’ emotional physical and cognitive needs
  • Deal confidently with difficult topics
  • Identify essential knowledge and skills

About this INSET

This INSET will explore how to ensure good quality, age-appropriate and engaging relationships and sex education for all learners in special schools.

Full of practical ideas that can be adapted to a range of contexts and for a range of learners, we will look at how we can develop a sequenced and structured curriculum to make sure our learners not only remember what they have been told, but have plenty of chances to practise these skills to help them develop independence and a safe and confident future.

  • Understand the law
  • Consider ways of overcoming barriers - what when and how
  • Identify the dangers and risks
  • Learn practical, fun and memorable activities 
  • Create an engaging and sequenced curriculum for RSE in a special school


This course is appropriate for special schools.

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