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Raising the Achievement and Ambition of Boys in Secondary and FE

How can we create a culture where all boys have high aspirations and their potential is maximised? The debate about girls’ and boys’ achievement and the ‘gap’ has been with us for many years. But is it a gap between boys and girls or just between individuals? In this course we'll have a chance to explore and critique the evidence and develop teaching and learning approaches that work in our different contexts.

  • Practical techniques for achievement across the curriculum
  • Opportunities to discuss specific issues
  • A critique of conflicting evidence
  • Explore a wide range of ideas for behavioural and academic support
1 day
£265 + VAT
9:15 - 15:30
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About this course

Drawing on current research, to cut through the myths, this course aims to clarify some of the arguments and, while it offers suggestions and approaches that can support teachers in raising the aspirations of boys, many approaches will work for all learners. There is no simple or ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer, but we will explore a range of practical ideas that have worked well, from changing whole-school cultures to supporting individuals to flourish.

  • Gain clarity on the question of a difference between how boys and girls learn
  • Critique and develop practical classroom strategies that engage and motivate boys
  • Encourage both independence and group work that supports boys’ achievement
  • Develop study and problem-solving skills for boys


This course is appropriate for secondary schools.

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