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Making Assessment Meaningful, Marking Manageable and Feedback Motivating

The words ‘assessment’, ‘feedback’, ‘target setting’ and ‘monitoring progress’ are some of the most common found in education, but do we put ourselves in our learners’ shoes? Do we ask them what sort of feedback they would like, when they want it and how? Are our students involved in target-setting and the assessment process? Evidence suggests that feedback is one of the most important skills we can use to support learning, but only if we get it right. This session will pull apart and explore what we really mean by feedback, target-setting and assessment, so it works for the individual learners. We will look at the importance of timely feedback, the need for struggle, and find practical ways to bring to life Dylan Wiliam’s comment: “The only good feedback is that which is acted on".

  • Understanding assessment and feedback from the learner’s point of view
  • Practical and varied ways to give feedback that has an impact
  • Target-setting that boosts learners’ progress and learning
  • Motivating and monitoring in order to raise attainment
1 day
£265 + VAT
9:15 - 15:30
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About this course

This course will draw on evidence-led approaches to feedback, target setting and monitoring progress, and provide participants with practical ways to develop their own practise, as well as ways to assess the impact of what we are doing.

  • Understand the pedagogy around target-setting and motivation
  • Empower and monitor staff as they create motivating, meaningful and achievable targets
  • Write ambitious targets that stretch and challenge all learners
  • Use tools and processes to identify students at risk, and work with teachers and support staff to develop effective interventions.


This course is appropriate for secondary schools.

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