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The Language of Learning

How many times have you come across a higher attaining pupil who will not challenge themselves or crumbles at the first sign of failure? How do we support these pupils? Explore how we can prevent children moving through school fearing challenge and failure and instead, grow learners who can take on any challenge.

  • Look at whole-class and whole-school strategies for developing learning talk
  • Look at effective language we can use with learners
  • Develop your understanding of effective language for learning

About this INSET

Attitudes to learning account for a lot when we are thinking about progress and attainment. In order to be successful life-long learners, children need to develop effective learning skills. Just as in any curriculum subject, these skills need to be taught and developed over time. The language that we choose to use and that we encourage them to use can have a profound effect on how children view themselves and their learning.

This training will:

  • Provide you with quick takeaways that can be easily put into practice
  • Develop pupil independence
  • Support you in increasing pupil confidence and resilience in learning



This course is appropriate for primary schools.

  • Key Stage Leaders
  • Senior Leaders
  • Class teachers and TAs (all years)

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