Supporting Children and their Families – Mitigating the Impact of External Factors on Progress and Wellbeing

This course provides the opportunity to look at how we can create a more sustainable way of working within the school, with families and the wider community. It explores risk factors which are barriers to learning and the protective factors that we can put in place.

  • Understand factors that affect learners
  • Recap safeguarding obligations
  • This course is sponsored by WillisPalmer
1 hour
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About this course

Children spend approximately only 14 percent of their time in school, yet many problems children face in schools are rooted in what happens in the wider world.

This session will help teachers, leaders and support workers develop their skills and understanding of issues affecting children outside of the school environment, and the skills and approaches needed to support those children.

  • An understanding of some of the factors that affect learners such as drug and alcohol misuse, anti-social behaviour, and exploitation
  • How developing an effective home-school partnership should lead to better engagement and achievement
  • A recap of our safeguarding obligations
  • How external issues impact on attendance, mental heath and behaviour

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20 October 2021
Online, interactive access.
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