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Empowering TAs in Primary Schools

Teaching assistants make up a quarter of the primary workforce, and they can be a powerful tool in creating inclusive learning. Sometimes, though, they are left struggling to find direction, or to feel valued as part of the school ‘team’. This INSET day will explore how you can:

  • Help you support children without creating ‘learned dependency’
  • Improve your confidence across the primary curriculum
  • Give you practical strategies and ideas to support your teacher

About this INSET

TAs fulfil a huge range of roles and services in our schools; their job can be stimulating and rewarding, providing expert support to enable independent learning, wider inclusion, and better emotional and physical wellbeing for our children. Occasionally, though, TAs can feel a bit ‘abandoned’ for lack of direction, and perhaps with the most vulnerable children. How can TAs empower themselves to deliver more effective support? What can they do to take the initiative?

This training will:

  • Explore practical methods for developing reasoning, challenge and collaborative learning
  • Suggest techniques to improve the teacher-TA relationship
  • Develop confidence about your place in the school
  • Improve your curriculum subject knowledge


  • Teaching assistants (all levels, all years)
  • Primary teachers
  • Senior leaders 

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