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Disciplinary Knowledge in Science

“Disciplinary knowledge” became a bit of a buzz-phrase in education in 2021, and this has caused some anxiety for teachers and leaders across the country. This course explores what the term means within science, and (more importantly) how to teach it.

  • Practical and engaging
  • Breaks down abstract ideas into teachable categories
  • Fully in line with the 2019 Framework and current Ofsted thinking

About this INSET

‘Disciplinary knowledge’ in science is not just another way to talk about experiments, or science skills. The relatively new term encompasses what we previously called ‘working scientifically’, which includes four other kinds of scientific enquiry, but it also asks a wider question: What does it mean to work like a scientist?

This INSET will:

  • Break down science ‘disciplinary knowledge’ into clear categories
  • Provide you with practical and engaging approaches for teaching these
  • Unpick the confusion around related terms
  • Reduce your anxiety about this abstract concept! 


This course is suitable for primary schools.

  • Headteachers, SLT and science coordinators
  • EYFS, KS1, KS2

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