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Digital Resilience

Learning how to recognise and manage risks; learn from challenging experiences and be able to recover; and know strategies to maintain positive wellbeing are crucial skills for children and young people to use online. Using the latest research and evidence, this INSET will explore what ‘digital resilience’ is and provide ideas to develop children’s skills and knowledge to support healthy online behaviours.

  • Explore what ‘digital resilience’ means
  • Understand how to teach digital resilience to support pupils in developing positive online behaviours
  • Top tips to support you in the teaching of digital resilience

About this INSET

With increasing focus on both online safety, and pupils' wellbeing and resilience, this short course will introduce you to the term ‘digital resilience’ and how to teach it to support pupils’ online skills and mental health. 


This INSET will guide you through:

  • The latest research and evidence about digital resilience, and its impact on children and young people’s mental health.
  • Understanding what digital resilience is and how it can be taught to support healthy online behaviours.
  • The links between digital resilience and metacognition, to develop children’s awareness of online safety.
  • Practical ideas to use within your teaching, to develop digital resilience skills and thinking.

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