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TAs as Leaders: Creating Leaders at Every Level

The concept of 'leadership' has expanded massively in recent years. Ofsted's expectation now is that all staff should be able to understand and articulate ideas like vision, priorities and curriculum design, and this is true for teaching assistants as well as teachers. This training considers how TAs can develop leadership skills - and, crucially, what that means in practice.

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Discover practical and effective take-aways

About this INSET

TAs make up about a quarter of the workforce, but sometimes they don't have the impact that they would like. In current Ofsted thinking the idea of 'leadership' has expanded to apply to all members of staff, teaching assistants included. So what does that mean, and how can we develop our leadership skills? This training has been developed specifically for TAs, and by attending you will: 

  • Find out what is meant by 'inspirational leadership' - particularly within TA job roles
  • How you can develop your leadership skills - like listening, communication, emotional intelligence, strategy and planning
  • What is meant by leadership 'style' - and how it might apply to you
  • Hear practical and effective take-aways that you can put into practice straight away

This course is appropriate for primary, secondary and special schools.

  • Teaching/classroom assistants, learning/pupil support assistants, learning mentors
  • TA line managers / performance management reviewers
  • EYFS, Primary, Secondary and Special

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