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Key Skills Series - Understanding Children at Primary

When the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote that “children understand”, he of course meant that adults don’t. He believed - or at least his famous character believed - that adults understand neither the things that children care about, nor even the children themselves. But for anyone working in education, this understanding must surely be their first aim.

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About this course

Anyone working with children must surely start by trying to understand their words, actions and moods. This course - part of our Key Skills in Educational Settings series - introduces you to the psychology of emotions and feelings that lie behind children’s behaviour. By watching this training session you will:

  • Explore the main ideas in child development theory
  • Understand how brain science relates to ‘difficult’ behaviour
  • Learn strategies to help you form positive relationships


  • NQTs, RQTs, and other new primary school staff
  • New governors, or parents whose children are about to start nursery or school
  • Local or community agencies that work closely with a school

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