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Key Skills Series - Filling Your ‘Soft Skills Basket’

Part 4 of our Key Skills in Educational Settings series looks at the range of ‘soft’ skills you need in any workplace. This session covers a range of competencies that are valued by employers: things like creativity, critical thinking, resilience, problem-solving and change-management.

  • Easily accessible
  • Supportive delivery
  • For newer employees but also more experienced line managers/mentors
1 hour
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About this course

How do you ensure that the work you do is efficient, effective and fulfilling? How do you become the best you can? This course offers you a range of guidance and practical advice on so-called ‘soft skills’. By attending this training you will:

  • Discover how to improve your creativity, initiative and attitude
  • Develop your critical thinking, resilience and the way you cope with change 
  • Prepare for the ‘jobs of the future’ - whatever they might be!


  • Employees in all industries who are near the beginning of their careers
  • Line managers / senior managers, to inform their mentoring role
  • School leavers and university students

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