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Key Skills Series - Being a Great TA

TAs make up a significant proportion of the school workforce, but they sometimes don't have the impact they would like. What does the job involve and how can we be the best that we want to, to support the children we care so much about?

  • Easily accessible
  • Supportive delivery
  • For newer employees but also more experienced line managers/mentors
1 hour
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About this course

Being a TA is a rewarding job, but it’s also a vital one for the academic, emotional and developmental progress of our children. This course - part of our Key Skills in Educational Settings series - gives you an idea of what the job involves, and suggests ideas to help you do it as well as you would like!

  • How to support children without ‘doing their work for them’
  • Tips on how to provide challenge for children
  • Improve your working relationship with other staff


  • Teaching assistants who are new to educational settings
  • Class teachers working with them
  • Line managers, mentors, senior leaders

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