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Teaching & Learning Review Consultancy Package

For an independent and objective review of the teaching and learning in your school, a team of two of our highly trained educational consultants will look into every aspect of your teaching and learning. You can feel confident that the comprehensive report you receive will provide all the information you need for your Self-Evaluation Form.

  • A full review from independent consultants
  • Receive a comprehensive report and recommendations
  • Learning walks and book scrutinies

This Consultancy Package includes:

  • A full review, from two independent consultants
  • A full report and recommendations

£1,250+VAT  (Terms & Conditions)

Step One

What we do: We will allocate a team of two consultants to your school. These consultants will contact you prior to the event to discuss the structure of the day. The day will involve learning walks, book scrutinies and meetings with key members of staff.

What you do: Consider which members of staff our consultants could usefully meet with. Inform your staff that our consultants will be visiting in a supportive and developmental capacity, not to inspect and judge – we want this to be an experience that encourages honest feedback from staff and pupils.

Outcome: You will have planned a clear structure for the day.

Step Two

What we do: Two of our consultants will visit your school for a full day and form a holistic picture of the school’s ethos, vision and the practicalities of everyday practice.

What you do: Open your school to us, share your paperwork and be completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and your vision for the school’s future.

Outcome: You will be supported in looking at your school from a fresh and objective perspective and finding greater clarity of vision.

Step Three

What we do: Compile a comprehensive and detailed report, with a clear picture of where your school currently is, where we have ascertained you would like to be, and ideas for how to get there.

What you do: Act on our advice to update your Self-Evaluation Form and School Development Plan.

Outcome: You will feel confident that you have a clear picture of your school as it is and as it could be, along with an action plan of how to ensure it is moving in the right direction.

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