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School Improvement Partner Consultancy Package

Do you need a ‘critical friend’ to support you and your leadership team in making an objective assessment of your school, in order to improve outcomes for your children? Our expert team can help you conduct book scrutinies, climate walks and data reviews, in order to ensure that you feel Ofsted-ready.

  • A dedicated consultant
  • Joint book scrutinies
  • Climate walks
  • Discussion around data and targets

This Consultancy Package includes:

  • A named consultant who will quickly get to know your school community and help you create a balanced picture of progress
  • Six bi-termly, half-day meetings to discuss progress against targets, data review and triangulation
  • One annual Health Check, including a climate walk, supported book scrutiny and discussions of developing leadership roles
  • 360 degree leadership analysis and feedback

£3,999+VAT a year  (Terms & Conditions)

Step One:

What we do: Ensuring that you have a broad and impartial picture of your school’s provision is the most vital part of leadership. To help you create and maintain this objective appraisal, our team of experts will visit your school to collaborate with you in assessing the current provision for and progress of your children, staff and wider school community.

What you do: Share your School Improvement Plan, Self-Evaluation Form and other documentation with us, so we have an insight into your understanding of your school.

Outcome: Thanks to our external validation, you will feel confident that your understanding of your school’s strengths, weaknesses and priorities is accurate, balanced and comprehensive.

Step Two:

What we do: We will compile a comprehensive report, detailing our discussion and any relevant action points or considerations.

What you do: Update your School Improvement Plan and Self-Evaluation Form accordingly.

Outcome: All paperwork is up to date and externally validated, with clear and concise messages based on data and observation.

Step Three:

What we do: Revisit your school on a bi-termly basis for a year, to support you in ensuring your progress is on track.

What you do: Work closely with our consultant to ensure your vision is achieved and you and your school are progressing as planned.

Outcome: At the end of the consultancy period, we will leave you with a clear action plan, written in close consultation with you, to ensure that you have a well-defined roadmap for continued success.

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