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Pupil Data Analysis & Validation Consultancy Package

Effective analysis of your data enables you to look back at what has gone well (or not so well); look in to the characteristics of your pupils’ behaviour and attainment; and look forward – to plan for success in the future. With our support, you can feel confident that you have uncovered the most significant information from your ASP and any other school data, and taken account of it in your School Development Plan.

  • Streamline your processes
  • Turn data into action
  • Analysis and external validation of tracking data

This Consultancy Package includes:

  • An analysis of your ASP data including external summary report for governors
  • Support with turning data into action, to inform your school development
  • A termly analysis and external validation of termly tracking data

£2,500+VAT a year  (Terms & Conditions)

Step One:

What we do: Externally analyse your ASP data.

What you do: Provide us with access to your ASP data.

Outcome: You will receive an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your ASP data, including a summary report for governors.

Step Two:

What we do: Visit your school to discuss the results of our analysis and consult with your leadership team as to how best to turn data into action.

What you do: Hold a meeting, facilitated by our consultant, to report the findings from our data analysis and your vision for the future back to staff.

Outcome: All staff understand the school’s current position and the steps they need to take, as a group, to achieve the goals of the School Development Plan.

Step Three:

What we do: On a termly basis, analyse and externally validate your tracking data, discussing and consulting with you as to the messages from this data for your Performance Management, Self-Evaluation Form, pupil/cohort/school targets and School Development Plan.

What you do: Share tracking data with us and update documentation in line with our recommendations (if you so wish).

Outcome: You feel confident that your documentation is an accurate and true reflection of your school’s position and that your data is being converted into the appropriate actions to improve your school’s performance.

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