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English Consultancy Package

Whether it’s reading, writing, spelling, grammar or a combination of them all that poses an issue in your school, we can support you with increasing pupil engagement with, attainment in and enjoyment of English. With ever-increasing complexity of expectation at both Key Stages 1 and 2, you can be confident that our simple-to-implement, inspiring approaches will support your teachers, pupils and wider school community with teaching and learning in English.

  • Reading & writing skills audit and analysis
  • Subject leader support
  • Writing an Ofsted-compliant subject action plan

This Consultancy Package includes:

  • Whole school reading and writing skills audit and analysis
  • Annual Pupil Perception Survey
  • Termly subject leader support, including joint lesson observations, joint book scrutinies and evaluation of impact
  • Writing and developing an Ofsted-compliant subject action plan
  • 3 twilights on areas of identified need
  • Model demonstration lessons
  • Termly Progress Report for leadership and governors

£4,500+VAT a year  (Terms & Conditions)

Step One

What we do: We will visit your school to meet with your leadership team and/or English Co-ordinator, in order to conduct an audit of your English provision, including: paired learning walks; book scrutinies; a pupil perception survey; and an analysis of your whole-school English planning.

What you do: This is your opportunity to air any concerns or issues you have with English and really paint a picture of what you would like support with and what your vision for English in your school looks like. You can feel comfortable discussing your situation with our friendly, professional, capable consultants in complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that we can help you to improve it.

Outcome: You will receive a detailed report into your school’s current English provision, with ideas for simple and effective next steps for immediate improvement.

Step Two

What we do: Over the course of the next year, we will make regular visits to your school. Each visit will have a clear focus – either training for whole staff; consultancy for your English co-ordinator or English team; model demonstration lessons; planning sessions; joint lesson observations; parental engagement sessions; or any other appropriate focus. These will be decided based on our initial visit, planned by us and agreed by you prior to the start of any support. You will have a team of named consultants, so you always know who is coming and they will become a trusted and integral part of your school community.

What you do: Collaborate with our consultant team to ensure that the training we provide is meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible.

Outcome: Your staff (and wider school community, as appropriate) will be upskilled on the latest English theory, practice and Ofsted/government guidance. You will receive a termly report into your school’s progress in English.

Step Three

What we do: At the end of the year’s programme, we will conduct a full, comprehensive review of your English provision.

What you do: Meet with our consultant team to give and receive feedback on the programme and ensure that you have a clear sense of your next steps.

Outcome: You will receive a final report, outlining the progress your school has made towards your vision and an Ofsted-compliant action plan for the future.

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