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Closing The Gap Consultancy Package

Are you confident that your school’s Pupil Premium provision is providing the optimum holistic support to increase pupil engagement? With additional pupil premium funding comes accountability and a moral imperative to ensure that you are providing the very best support for your disadvantaged pupils. With this package, you will receive both analysis and validation of the progress made by your disadvantaged pupils and an ongoing action plan for impact from your pupil premium budget.

  • Analysis to demonstrate progress made by disadvantaged pupils
  • An action plan for impact from your pupil premium budget

This Consultancy Package includes:

  • Pupil Premium data analysis (off site)
  • Audit of provision for Pupil Premium children
  • Pupil Premium climate walk
  • Pupil Premium Report for governors and SLT
  • Support with development of an action plan

 £1,500+VAT a year  (Terms & Conditions)

Step One:

What we do: The first step in closing the gap has to be the identification of the gap and its causes. Therefore, the first step for us is to conduct a detailed analysis of your ASP and any other relevant data in order to identify the main factors that limit pupils’ success.

What you do: Provide us with your ASP data and any additional relevant data. Once you have received our findings, you will be able to drill down into the data and look for specific areas for improvement (supported by our consultants).

Outcome: You will receive a comprehensive report highlighting the main factors that limit pupils’ success.

Step Two:

What we do: Visit your school and work with you for a day, incorporating Pupil Premium climate walks and meetings with relevant staff members, to gain a full picture of your Pupil Premium provision in action. We will also provide consultancy and training to develop your teachers’ skills, to ensure quality-first teaching is improving all pupil outcomes. We can also attend a governors’ meeting to provide similar training, upskilling governors to be a support to you and your team.

What you do: Demonstrate your current Pupil Premium provision and identify key staff who would benefit from our training and support.

Outcome: All key personnel will be upskilled and feel confident that they are providing the very best support to all disadvantaged pupils.

Step Three:

What we do: Support you in the development of a Pupil Premium action plan, considering how best to narrow the specific gaps we have identified and how to improve whole-school attainment in holistic, innovative and demonstrable ways.

What you do: Collaborate with our consultant in the development of your action plan.

Outcome: You will have a detailed and comprehensive plan, moving forward, in line with your school’s vision, values and specific needs.

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