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The 3 'P's of TT: my experience of working for TT Education

I have worked for TT Education since May 2015, initially in a freelance capacity and then for most of 2016 as Lead Consultant. As the call of the wild beckons me to new adventures, my time at the company is coming to an end and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experiences and why I really rate TT Education – and no, I am not getting a bonus or sweetener for writing this!

As the title of this blog alludes to, there are 3 “P”s that help to sum up what I have identified as being the key to its success and perhaps give a framework for teachers and leaders in education to follow.



There is no doubt that everyone who is associated with TT Education is very passionate about education and thrives on doing the best they can. I will admit that when I relinquished my role as head teacher it was fundamentally because I was questioning my drive and direction in education as it became increasingly more difficult to stick to my core principles due to constant scrutiny and criticism.

What I will say is that after working with company colleagues, senior leaders and teachers in schools across the length and breadth of the country my passion for education has been reignited. I have truly valued the very privileged position I have found myself in when working with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic children in numerous schools. It has reminded me why, all those years ago, I first chose to become a primary school teacher and it has completely re-energised me.

Subsequently, with renewed self-belief and enthusiasm, I have been able to deliver high quality training on a variety of themes to hundreds of teachers, teaching assistants and governors. And the crowning glory to this has been watching, at the end of a day’s training, people walking out of the door buzzing and excited about the prospect of taking their learning back into school and the classroom. This passion is contagious…



One thing I found frequently when attending training myself, as a teacher or senior leader, was that it all seemed idealistic and at times unattainable. What strikes you most about the advice, strategies and activities you encounter when working with TT Education is that this is do-able! Consultants are realistic about the day-to-day demands of school – we’ve all recently been there/are there – and thus the ultimate aim is to share a wealth of ideas and approaches that will work in any school. In fact, as part of our consultancy work through Customised Solutions, we’ll even come and show you! We’ll work with teachers and their classes through model lessons and team teaching and you’ll get to see the magic first- hand.

The Path to Success is integral to everything TT Education is about. Fortunately, it’s not simply some fancy model that is explained to you hypothetically: as part of the courses or direct support in schools, you are engaged with it and see it in action. It makes it attainable.



The company’s core values are no different to what you might see in any school’s mission statement – Excite, Inspire, Motivate, Achieve and Engage. TT Education are trying to do exactly what you, as teachers, are trying to do in school too. This is what makes the work of TT Education so successful; these values give us a clear purpose to what we do and why we do it. Significantly, on the TT Education website, it states that we are “Changing children’s lives for the better…”. This is where TT Education is different to other companies – everyone working for TT Education holds the children at the heart of everything we do. We keep the company’s values are at the forefront of our minds when working with schools directly or through the courses that teachers attend, because we know that if we can achieve this with delegates and school staff first, this will cascade to the true beneficiaries, the children.

Consider why you are doing something, the impact and the “so what” of anything you do in school. Ask yourself does this benefit the children? Whilst we are realistic about the pressures schools face through inspection, our message is it’s not about jumping through hoops for Ofsted or ISI, it’s about doing the right thing for the children and this will ultimately be looked on favourably by inspectors too.

Many schools have reached out to TT Education after disappointing outcomes from inspections or statutory assessments and part of my role has been to provide practical guidance and support for schools to address these issues. Whilst I can bring my own experience and suggestions for ways forward, I feel confident as a consultant that the company’s philosophy is grounded in a very strong drive and purpose to secure the best outcomes for children across the country (and increasingly beyond).


I suppose technically I could suggest a fourth “P” but feel that perhaps this is embedded in all of the 3 “Ps” mentioned above…I am talking about positivity. As an innovative primary school improvement company, there is an overwhelming feeling of positivity about education. Good leadership is all about creating the right team, who share the vision and values and have clear direction about the journey they are on. This is so true of TT Education – it has been a pleasure to work with David Maytham (company founder) and the rest of the team. Thank you for restoring my faith in education.

My final message to anyone thinking about dabbling with TT Education, be it attending a course or requesting support through consultancy, is: go for it! You’ll learn a lot and experience the 3 “Ps” for yourself.