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Online Primary CPD: Supporting schools during lockdown and beyond

Once the initial shock of lockdown had settled, many of us were faced with the opportunity to learn new hobbies or develop skills from home.


In order to enable primary school staff to stay sharp and keep motivated, TT Education provided over 2,500 hours of free webinars to allow for as many people as possible experience the benefits of online CPD, and we received fantastic feedback:

“An engaging speaker with very relevant research and practical strategies. It made me re-evaluate my own behaviour management strategies and think about whole school approach. The format worked well, being able to pause, reread slides or think about elements in my own time or even take a quick break without losing any information.”

“It was relevant to all age groups. It was delivered by someone who is clearly in touch with the classroom and children. It was delivered in a manner that maintained interest, it offered research, practical ideas and without too much jargon.” 

“A well-structured webinar informing teachers with a variety of different activities to implement within the classroom. The activities were applicable for a variety of different ages and were ones that I had never come across before. It also supplied quotations from other professionals which created interesting discussion points for me to take back to my own school.”

97% rated their experience as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, and 96% of online attendees said they would be interested in further online training!


Since then, we have launched over 50 new one-hour webinars (and counting!), enabling you to follow government advice to stay safe, whilst still experiencing high quality and cost-effective training from the comfort of your own home or school, so you can return to work with confidence.


Each of these are available as a school-wide licence, meaning that all of your staff members at your school can participate. If it’s a CPD webinar, you will have the opportunity to engage with the trainer and ask questions, whilst having access to a recording for 7 days afterwards. Alternatively, if you would prefer immediate access to these sessions, we have the option of CPD On Demand. Some of our most popular titles include:


  • Sticky Knowledge: Driving up Retention for the New Ofsted Framework
  • Drawing on Reading to Inform their Writing: The ‘Chunking’ Approach
  • Five Ideas for Primary Geography
  • Creating Challenge: Greater Depth Across the Curriculum


Not only this, but we have also introduced the option to access our full-day courses via livestream or recordings, enabling you to enjoy the course anywhere, at any time.


Visit our website to find out more about the opportunities that our online CPD courses and webinars can offer, or get in touch with our friendly head office team at or call us on 01206 625626.