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Betsy Maytham

Company Secretary

  • Experienced Teacher and Trainer
  • Specialises in writing outstanding model texts and poetry, and designing resources to support Teachers in their classrooms

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TT Education’s 3rd Annual Consultant Conference

Last week, we held TT Education’s 3rd Annual Consultant Conference at Warwick Conference Centre and it was, by all measures, a great success. We were all very proud to celebrate what our team have achieved in schools across the country and establish the exciting direction in which we are heading.

It was fantastic to have so many members of our outstanding team of consultants together to recognise our achievements and spell out our vision for the path to success. We are truly proud of all the fantastic primary CPD training the team provide for us and the work they’ve been doing to support teachers in their drive to improve standards of education across the country.

This year, for the first time, we presented awards to a few consultants who we felt had made a truly outstanding contribution to the company since 2013. They were Antje Kell and Carole Sleightholm. In addition to this, we also presented Jenny Walkomwith the Consultant of the Year award. Over the last 12 months, Jenny has not only made a truly outstanding contribution to our company, but also pushed herself outside of her comfort zone, consistently achieving more than even she thought she could and providing fantastic customer service, always going out of her way to ensure schools, teachers and, ultimately, the children get the most out of her training and support.