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Betsy Maytham

Company Secretary

  • Experienced Teacher and Trainer
  • Specialises in writing outstanding model texts and poetry, and designing resources to support Teachers in their classrooms

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A New Collaboration...

As educators, we all know that one of the most influential aspects of children’s progress is their physical, emotional and mental well-being. With high quality PSHE, we can influence this for the better and create a new generation of well-rounded, well-balanced, purposeful and moral individuals. That is what we are aiming towards in this brand new and exciting collaboration. We have always held the children at the centre of what we do. That is why a collaboration with 1decision is so valuable for us, as we know that they do this too.

1decision’s powerful videos, which allow children to make their own choice with no judgement, pushing them to discuss their decisions and consider the consequences, tie in beautifully with TT educations focus on talk-led, collaborative learning. Children learn through experience and talk, and that is what 1decision’s platform provides for them. TT Education’s supportive training for teachers, TAs and school leaders ensures a long-lasting effect that can be seen throughout the school.