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Shannon O'Sullivan

Shannon O'Sullivan


  • Experienced Senior Leader and Primary Teacher
  • Specialises in data, Leadership, English, Maths and Curriculum design
Key Stage,Curriculum

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

Originally, I came into teaching from supporting teaching in Postgraduate Law at University, teaching Sunday school and coaching a softball league. Finding a passion in teaching and learning, channeled me into moving into the Primary sector, where I found my true home. Having come from an American educational background, I feel I had a varied, creative and extremely positive formative primary education based around a truly immersive and creative approach, which used our surroundings effectively. Teaching and learning was experiential and engaging. I truly believe in the Path to Success, used at TT Education, it develops a similar approach ensuring all children receive varied and rich experiences.

What is your educational experience?

I have worked as a Teacher and Senior Leader in a range of schools, across different counties. I have taught in all of the primary year groups, and held a range of leadership roles. Having been in schools that required improvement with high levels of need, and even a STEAM, Apple Education School, has given me a varied view of what helps children develop and learn. Acknowledging that two-thirds of children will be in jobs, not yet created, leaves educators in an interesting position to ensure we develop all children’s coding and computing capabilities.

What is your educational specialism?

I have been fortunate to hold a number of core-curriculum leadership roles and therefore I have continuously improved practice across the curriculum. A true passion is in developing confidence in all leaders to lead in their specialism and in supporting their desire to share their expertise.

I am also one of those people, that just loves a spreadsheet! If there is data involved to analyse and interrogate, I cannot wait to extract it. Therefore, a true home for me is in supporting leadership teams, governors and teachers to track data and interpret ways to develop their curriculums and focus, with this in mind.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Given the time, I would love to be found on the Tennis Court, in the swimming pool, or visiting family on the sandy beaches of Florida or California.

Most weekends however, I am fortunate enough to spend time with my incredibly fun and hilarious two girls. When they finally tire, as a dedicated learner, I thoroughly enjoy spending down-time reading and interrogating research and supportive methods to continuously improve practice in education.

What teachers say about Shannon...

"Great pace, pitch and content. Lots of good tips I can take back and use immediately. Shannon is a very personable and likeable trainer." - Ian Thomas, Princes Mead School