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Sabiha Munshi (1)

Sabiha Munshi


Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

  • Work on the premise that collaborative, forward-thinking and positive change in schools can bring a culture of excellence which results in thriving schools full of opportunity, empowering both teachers and children. 
  • Make learning fun, with tangible long term outcomes. Embed learning, through  mastery opportunities and cultivating a culture of natural curiosity in children 
  • Firm believer in ensuring that socio-economic factors should not be a detrimental factor for children receiving educational opportunities.
  • Developing the whole-child to create resilient, independent and positive children as future contributors to society.

What is your educational experience and key qualifications?

  • Just under 10 years of educational experience, mainly primary however a little SEBD and secondary mentoring experiences. 
  • Developing curriculums and in school training delivery for the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) 
  • KS2 Phase Leader 
  • STEAM and Science Lead 
  • Mentor to both UG and PG teaching students (BEd and PGCE)
  • Worked in a 1:1 mobile technology setting (iPads), enhancing childrens learning through technology and minimising teacher workload through effective systems. 
  • Apple Teacher

What is your educational specialism?

  • STEAM and Science 
  • Developing cross curricular schemes of work with the use of technology to enhance and embed learning further. 
  • SMSC and developing the whole child

What do you enjoy most about working in education?

  • Being able to make a difference both in the classroom and whilst training teachers or developing curriculums, so that they are fit for purpose and context. 
  • Knowing that the forging of relationships and working together can bring about positive changes to the children being  taught. 

What do you like doing outside of work?

  • Im a bookworm with a keen interest in historical fiction (actually any reading will do!) 
  • Love spending time with my huge family 
  • Getting involved in anything that is outdoorsy, adventurous, fun and active! E.g. hiking, bouldering, challenges for charity etc 
  • Love travelling and immersive cultural experiences.