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Robin Taverner

Robin Taverner


  • Experienced Headteacher and former Lead Ofsted Inspector
  • Specialises in Leadership, School performance information and curriculum development 
Subject,Key Stage,Curriculum

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

I have extensive experience as a teacher, headteacher, local authority school effectiveness partner and education consultant. I enjoy working with all education professionals, providing training, support and challenge to help schools become even better. 

What is your educational experience and key qualifications?

I have 16 years experience as a headteacher, in three primary schools. Additionally, my experience includes working as a former lead Ofsted inspector and local authority school effectiveness partner. I have a Master of Arts in Education degree. 

What is your educational specialism?

My educational specialisms include school leadership, school performance information and curriculum development.

What do you enjoy most about working in education?

My greatest pleasure, working in education, is helping school leaders and teachers to reflect upon their practice, in order that children make the best possible progress with their learning.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, walking and classic cars, and helping to care for my 3 year old grandson.