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Lena Abu-Oun

Lena Abu-Oun


  • A qualified Primary School Teacher and experienced Middle Leader with educational experience that covers EYFS to Key Stage 2.
  • A Primary Mathematics Specialist teacher with a Masters in Education.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself and what motivates you?

I am an Education Consultant with a passion for learning and development. I am fascinated in children's creativity and learning strategies, whether it be a Foundation Stage child settling into school or a Year 6 child preparing to move on to High School. I believe every child, regardless of their ability or background, should have an equal opportunity to learn and develop their skills. I strongly believe that any good teacher will be able to nurture a child to achieving their very best if they themselves have a passion for teaching and possess good subject knowledge. Thus, I enjoy working with teachers and watching their mind-set grow into a motivating, creative and nurturing classroom.

What is your educational experience and key qualifications?

I am a qualified Mathematics Specialist Teacher and experienced Middle Leader. My educational experience covers EYFS to Key Stage 2. I have led Mathematics successfully, working alongside teachers and leaders towards raising attainment for pupils.

I have led training days and conferences both for the London Tri-borough and for the Primary Mathematics conference in Northampton.

What is your educational specialism?

I am a qualified Early Years Teacher with Masters level knowledge of Special Educational needs as well as a Primary Mathematics Specialist and hold a Masters in Education.

What do you enjoy most about working in education?

I thrive on being able to support and positively influence those that are driven by educating the next generation regardless of their needs or backgrounds. I relish opportunities to support teachers and leaders adopt a creative and problem solving approach in their teaching of mathematics.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I love travelling and exploring new places and cultures with my young family. I relish the opportunity to try new things and learn new ways. I enjoy going to the gym and swimming to keep fit. I also very much enjoy cooking, playing the piano and learning new languages.